Climate change and the effects played on the global supply of water have made many aware of the current situation regarding clean water supply-demand and the immense pressure on water delivery across Africa. This, in short, due to the lack of modern infrastructure and lack of maintenance to existing services. In parts of Africa, a severe multi-year drought has seen a large number of towns threatened by total disruption of water supply.

Unfortunately, there’s no single water problem and the issues confronted vary widely from place to place. However, a combination of solutions can be implemented to ensure water supply in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. And that is why we do what we do:

Aqua Brothers is a South African company determined to produce and provide the highest quality and variety of water treatment technology, solutions, and components. We help source and meet customers needs in every possible way. From Sourcing to Purification of Potable Water to construction of reticulation networks!