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Most times we find ourselves gulping down the closest water source to ensure we stick to the three litres a day rule. This is mostly the case because we are unsure of the minerals we need to be looking for, which doesn’t help our water choices. Finding the best mineral composition in your drinking water is much simpler when you know what you are looking for.

Naturally, water contains zero calories and is not a source of fat, protein or carbohydrates. While it contains minerals like calcium, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, and has a balanced pH, water is able to absorb these minerals and deliver them to your body when you drink. Water with high mineral content, such as Aqua Brothers’ desalinated water can make a valuable contribution to a healthy diet due to the intake of the natural minerals found. 


Calcium is an essential nutrient in the development and maintenance of human health. It is strongly aligned with the development of strong bones and teeth, with over 99% of the body’s calcium found there. Small amounts are located in the tissues and body fluids necessary for nerve transmission, glandular secretions and muscle contraction. 

Calcium is unique among nutrients, in that the body’s reserve is also functional: increasing bone mass is linearly related to a reduction in fracture risk. Aqua Brothers water contains 1.0 mg/l of calcium and serves an essential role in your daily food and drink intake. 

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Magnesium is the fourth most abundant cation in the body and the second most abundant cation in intracellular fluid. It is a cofactor for some 350 cellular enzymes, many of which are involved in energy metabolism.

The benefits of magnesium include improved digestion, nutrient absorption, energy levels and cell detoxification and should be a vital mineral that a person incorporates into their daily routine. The Aqua Brothers desalinated water contains 0.6mg/l of magnesium. Only 50 – 60% of the body’s magnesium is found in the body and is also involved in protein and nucleic acid synthesis which is needed for normal vascular tone and insulin sensitivity.


Drinking chlorine has been a well-researched topic and the consequences have been proven to show correlation with cancer. With 93% more risk of cancer for people who are exposed to chlorinated water, chlorine is a potential health hazard. Due to this nature, our water contains 0 mg/l of chlorine. 

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pH Value

The pH-values of water describes the acid content in the fluid. The value can vary between 0 and 14. A pH value of zero makes it strongly acidic, where a value of 14 makes it strongly alkaline or basic. A value of 7 makes the fluid neutral, placing the Aqua Brothers premium water in a prime position at a value of 6.5. The normal range of adequate mineral water is between 6.5 and 8.5.


While sodium is essential to human life, there are no specified minimum daily requirements. It is however recommended to have a daily intake of 500 mg of sodium. For the human body to maintain healthy blood pressure and to enable normal nerve and muscle function, the body requires sodium. Aqua Brothers water contains 69 mg/l of sodium and is perfect as a part of your daily mineral intake.

Finding the mineral composition in your drinking water is important and at Aqua Brother’s desalination, we focus on providing premium water that benefits your health needs. Request a quote today to find out more about our small to bulk water deliveries in the Western Cape and its surrounds. Find out more about the health benefits of our Velddrif sourced water here.


Playing your part in the water crisis has become the duty of all Capetonians, and therefore we invite you to join us in reducing your impact on the environment with our eco-friendly, premium desalinated water. Find out more about our SANS241 accredited water here

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