A Water-Saving New Year Resolution

New year, New you? Well not quite, but with the on-going water crisis across the Western Cape, it might be worthwhile making water a theme in your 2019 new year’s resolutions. While most of us have promised to hit the gym more, lose a few more kilos and be kinder to our mothers-in-law, we could make our list of resolutions a little less disappointing by incorporating a few simple water-saving changes in your daily water use.  Read more →

fitness journey

How hydration can help you in your fitness journey

Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or simply exercising recreationally, it’s important to stay hydrated. Proper hydration means getting the right amount of water before, during and after exercise. Proper hydration ensures nutrients are transported to give you enough energy and keep you healthy. In any fitness journey, there are certain elements you cannot negate, and water is one of those factors. Read more →

World Health Organization

Why the World Health Organization issued a Reverse Osmosis warning

Reverse Osmosis has been a water trend for many years, with many businesses stemming from this process of water filtration. While this process is renowned for the effective removal of impurities, it has recently come to light in a World Health Organization(WHO) report that this process removes beneficial minerals too. The Reverse Osmosis process removes 92 – 99% of beneficial calcium and magnesium. Read more →