Water Source and Feasibility Studies, and Establishment

    • Feasibility Study
    • Geophysics and Borehole Siting
    • Borehole Drilling and Yield Testing
    • Licensing with Department of Water and Sanitation

Custom Containerized Systems

    • Containerized water treatment systems are fully customisable to meet your specification.
    • Containerization includes sound proofing, electrical work and air conditioning
    • Fully customizable container offices, generator, generator solar combination, on-site laboratory

Civil Engineering

    • Borehole installation and testing
    • Scoping and feasibility studies for Industrial, Commercial, and Municipal
    • Preliminary and detailed foundation design
    • Pipe line and hydraulic design
    • Existing services upgrade, AS-Built drawings

Detailed Design and Manufacturing

    • Foundation design and construction
    • Pipe lines and hydraulic systems
    • Detailed RO / DESALINATION plant design
    • Filtration systems
    • Software systems, automation and telemetry


    • Standard 5 or 10 year Maintenance contracts
    • Client specific maintenance contracts
    • Plant service & maintenance
    • Spare parts and chemical supplies

Training and Skills Transfer

    • Staff training in Reverse Osmosis and Desalination Technology
    • Staff training will be provided to a predetermined number of employees upon commissioning of each project. This service can be done at per individual cost or group costing. Employees will receive 5 days of intensive training in reverse osmosis technology, system checks, operational procedures, maintenance procedures and diagnostics.
    • We at Aqua Brothers understand that there is a shortfall of employees with experience in the specific field of water purification/treatment, reverse osmosis, and renewable energy technology. We will be honoured to provide this education to increase the local knowledge of water purification/treatment and renewable energy. Upon completion of the training, each employee will receive an Aqua Brothers training certificate.
    • *Note: This is an internal training certificate and cannot be used as part of any tertiary education application.
    • *Note: Aqua Brothers is in the process of obtaining SETA accreditation

Detailed Design and Rendering

    • Render video


Professional Project Management

Project infrastructure and cost management, and overall project coordination from inception to commissioning