RO Plants can be financed or rented. Aqua Brothers have partnered with the Rental Company to provide you with the very best Asset and Equipment Finance Suppliers bringing you the following benefits:

  • On Offer
  • Best rates
  • Fully tax deductibles operating expense, reducing your nett taxable income

This enables our clients to use the equipment over a defined period of time. Once the period is complete, the Client then has the following options:

  • Terminate the contract (60 Months)
  • Purchase the equipment at a heavily discounted rate
  • Renew or upgrade to meet new water production needs due to the ever-growing population.

To ensure longevity of equipment, Aqua Brothers will be the dedicated maintenance agent for the sites and provide training to key staff to operate and monitor the machinery. Aqua Brothers will monitor all plants off-site to ensure the plant is running optimally, and to foresee any unscheduled maintenance. Unscheduled maintenance is calculated into monthly leasing fees.