The Cerebos Desalination Plant was built as a contingency for the Berg-River (Velddrif) day zero. The unique combination allowed for by-product of the desalination process to be pumped into the existing salt water evaporation dams at the Cerebos Salt works therefore reducing the environmental impact of the operation.


21 000L per hour seawater desalination plant – POSITIVE: Brine was re-used in the evaporation dams to create salt



  • Sea Water extracted from Velddrif Estuary and treated with Sodium Hypochlorite and Ferrous Oxide (Flocculant).
  • Sea water pumped 2.4km into settling dams (See aerial photos)
  • Water extracted from settling dams and pumped through series AFM (Activated Filter Media) and GAC (Granular activated Carbon)
  • From Pre-filtration, the filtered sea water is pumped through a modular containerized sea water desalination plant to produce 21 000L per Hour of fresh drinking water.
  • The water was used to supply Construction, Mining, and Industrial industry in the West Coast