New year, New you? Well not quite, but with the on-going water crisis across the Western Cape, it might be worthwhile making water a theme in your 2019 new year’s resolutions. While most of us have promised to hit the gym more, lose a few more kilos and be kinder to our mothers-in-law, we could make our list of resolutions a little less disappointing by incorporating a few simple water-saving changes in your daily water use. 

The Cape Town drought has undoubtedly taught most of us how to make do with only 50 litres of water a day, but even with restrictions reduced, water saving should stay a top priority this year. Here is a list of quick water resolutions you can make to save water in Cape Town this year.

Washing fruits and vegetables

 Use a dishpan or bowl to soak your fruits and vegetables in, making sure you fill the container with just enough water. A top tip for veggies that have a tough skin is to visit your nearest fruit and veg store and invest in a produce brush which will help you scrub these tough veggies thoroughly. Keep this bowl of water for the remainder of the day to rinse your produce in, making sure you have a smaller bowl to dunk the food in once you’ve scrubbed them. After you’ve exhausted the container with all your produce, use the water to water your garden or flush the toilet.

Replacing your showerhead

While you are contemplating your showering routine, you may also want to consider replacing your shower head. Unless you have had your shower head for a very long time, it is quite likely that you already have a low-flow device. However, if your shower head is more than a few years old, it is also entirely possible that you could replace it with a newer model that is even more efficient. One of the nice things about this type of New Year’s resolution is that you only have to do it once and cross it off the list, and you can save water for the entire year with no additional effort.

Insulate your Pipes

While we’re on the shower-subject, insulating your pipes will lose less heat while water travels through them. This means the hot water will reach you water-saving shower head faster. Less water will be wasted while you wait for it to warm-up – this is also a great way to help you during those cold winter showers.

Grey Water Systems

Grey water systems are incredibly useful in the Cape Town water climate because it allows you to reclaim a portion of the water used in your home to reuse for all your gardening and toilets around the house. A grey system will save water and lower your water bill making this a fantastic resolution that lets you save the planet and help your wallet. Make sure you have the right permissions to instal this system before you install it in your home.

Front-Loading Washer

Front-loading washers are far more efficient than top-loading models. You can save up to 37 litres of water per wah with a front-loading option. New washing machines can be quite the investment, but it is definitely worth the investment if you can splash in this regard. 

High-efficiency toilets

Modern toilets are much more efficient than their earlier counterparts, but you can save even more water by opting for a high-efficiency toilet. If a high-efficiency toilet is not in your budget right now, you can save water by flushing only after every few uses that involve just liquid waste, instead of after each use.

Meat-free Mondays

By avoiding the consumption of meat just one day each week, you can save hundreds of litres of water each year — or even each month, depending on how much meat you usually eat. You can save even more by cutting out dairy one day each week as well.

Personalise Your Water-Saving Plan

Perhaps the most important water-saving thing you can do to save more water at home is to make a resolution that you will take a good, hard look at your water usage and see where you can make the most significant changes. You might already be brushing your teeth without turning the water on, but once you start paying attention, you might notice that you have a terrible habit of letting the water run while you shave or that you rarely wait until you have a full load to wash clothes.

Paying attention to how you and your family use water in your home will help you come up with the most effective ways you can make simple changes that can have a significant impact.


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