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Reverse Osmosis has been a water trend for many years, with many businesses stemming from this process of water filtration. While this process is renowned for the effective removal of impurities, it has recently come to light in a World Health Organization(WHO) report that this process removes beneficial minerals too. The Reverse Osmosis process removes 92 – 99% of beneficial calcium and magnesium.

This process has therefore been placed under the spotlight, and after hundreds of scientific studies about this process, the WHO issues a warning about the consumption of water filtered in this manner. The report states that this water, “has a definite adverse influence on the animal and human organism.”

While most consumers have been ultra-aware about removing toxins from the products they consume, most are forgetting to assess these results in healthy drinking water. Yes, fewer toxins are great for your health, but there is just more to healthy water than a lack of toxins.

Water from the RO process has proven to result in serious health concerns. A few reported cases in the Czech and Slovak populations who use predominantly reverse osmosis-based systems noticed acute magnesium, and calcium deficiencies. Among these complaints were cardiovascular disorders, tiredness, weakness or muscular cramps after just a short period of consumption.

Drinking RO-based water is even more dangerous because while it does lack minerals to give to your body, it leeches off your body’s natural mineral composition. This means that minerals your body receives from food and vitamins are excreted. Consumption of RO water dilutes the electrolytes found in your body’s water which results in an inadequate water distribution in your body compromising the function of your organs.

How can we help?

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential in living a healthy lifestyle; therefore nobody needs to compromise their health with unsafe water. Aqua Brothers understand the importance of water that is safe to drink! Luckily Reverse Osmosis is not the only system of water purification, which is why we are excited to provide the Western Cape with desalinated drinking water.

What’s inside our desalinated water?

1.0 mg/L of Calcium
0.6 mg/L of Magnesium
0 mg/L of Chlorine
A balanced pH level of 6.5
69 mg/L of Sodium

The Aqua Brothers supply of water is SANS 241 accredited drinking water and available in bulk quantity, to aid you in having premium desalinated water on hand at all times.

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