PTSC836 Series (Sand filter + Carbon filter) Pretreatment for R.O. have been engineered for capacities ranging from 0.3m3/h to 10m3/h


Fully equipped and customizable

Individually tested and preserved

Flexible application

Low operation and maintenance costs

Components easily accessible

Easy maintenance and servicing

Pre-plumbed, wired and assembled

1-year limited warranty

Model Capacity
PTSC836-08 0.4~0.7m³/hr
PTSC836-10 0.7~1.0m³/hr
PTSC836-12 1.0~1.5m³/hr
PTSC836-14 1.5~2.0m³/hr
PTSC836-16 2.0~2.5m³/hr
PTSC836-18 2.5~3.0m³/hr
PTSC836-21 3.0~4.5m³/hr
PTSC836-24 4.5~5.3m³/hr
PTSC836-30 5.3~7.0m³/hr
PTSC836-36 7.0~11m³/hr